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Security researchers assert that Apple Device Analytics include identifying iCloud user data

Despite Apple's denials, a recent investigation asserts that Apple's device analytics include data that may be used to connect details about a device's performance, features, and more, to a specific user

The ID "dsId," which stands for Directory Services Identifier, may be found in Apple's device analytics data, according to research on security by Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry. According to the investigation, each iCloud account's dsId identification is distinct and may be used to link a specific user's name, date of birth, email, and other relevant data that is saved on iCloud to that person.

Apple claims on its device analytics and privacy legal website that no data gathered from a device for analytics purposes may be linked to a specific user. "iPhone analytics may contain information on the hardware and operating system characteristics, performance data, and use information. No data we've gathered about you individually identifies you, "The business asserts.

According to Apple, one potential distinction is the ability to "correlate some usage statistics about Apple programs across various devices by synchronizing utilizing end-to-end encryption," provided a user chooses to share analytics data from several devices connected to the same iCloud account. Despite this, Apple claims that it can still not identify the user. Apple has been contacted by us for comment.

Apple has a history of taking a tough position on user privacy, stating time and time again that it considers privacy to be a "basic human right." A class action lawsuit alleging Apple of monitoring customers without their knowledge has brought the company's privacy claims under increased scrutiny in recent months.

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