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Introducing the I Vision Dee, the upcoming BMW 3 Series

The CES 2023 conference demonstrated its value as a forum for the automotive and technology sectors. After Sony and Honda debuted their Afeela devices, it is now BMW's turn to present the I Vision Dee, a brand-new concept.

"Digital Emotional Experience" is the meaning behind the term "Dee." In BMW lingo, the sedan concept is referred to as the 3 Series' alleged successor.

The construction of BMW's upcoming electric vehicle will start with this vehicle. Later, the production model of this vehicle will use Neue Klasse, BMW's innovative electrified architecture.

Speaking of design, a lot of people are aware that BMW is sticking with the new aesthetic that was debuted on the I Vision Circular hatchback concept. The use of a broad horizontal grille that is now integrated with the headlamps is a clear example of this design language.

This I. Vision Dee design features a distinctly retro silhouette. BMW states that the 3 Series E30 served as its inspiration. For many people, certain aspects of the new BMW design may be too harsh or difficult to see.

Additionally, the BMW I Vision Dee's rear is starting to seem less and less like a BMW. Many enthusiasts think that this concept car looks more like a Peugeot than a BMW from the back.

The name "Digital" refers to BMW's unwavering commitment to incorporating various digital features into this concept car, both inside and outside the vehicle. One of them is the digital grille, which may be customized in terms of shape (or, more precisely, color).

Even stranger, BMW has applied E-Ink technology to every part of its body, even the grille. According to the preferences of the user, cars can change color thanks to a BMW innovation called E Ink.

This vehicle can display up to 32 different colors that can be broken into 240 segments, whereas the BMW iX that was previously on display could only change between black and white. On the I Vision Device, customers can theoretically mix their own color schemes.

Similar technology was employed by BMW for its automobile wheels. The aero disc-shaped rim can be personalized in up to 14 different colors upon request. The outside of this car can be extremely colorful if the owner so chooses.

The I Vision Dee offers a plethora of contemporary elements on the interior, one of which is the distinctive head-up display that fills the entire windshield, demonstrating that the incorporation of cutting-edge technology does not stop with the outside.

It's true that BMW invented the head-up display, which initially appears subdued over the dashboard but eventually expands to encompass the full windshield. The amount of information that appears on the windshield can be adjusted by consumers using what BMW refers to as a "Mixed Reality Slider."

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